Encinitas Wine Merchants


If you would like to contact Mark Dubiel about rare wines, cellar gems, or special occasion wines, email us at INFO@ENCINITASWINEMERCHANTS.COM.

Encinitas wine merchants vins de bourgogneYour local hosts & friendly wine merchants, Ellena Cassidy & Mark Dubiel, invite you to come enjoy a quiet glass of wine at our wine bar! Encinitas Wine Merchants is also a full-on wine retail store offering a large selection of wines from all over the world. There are superb wines at affordable, value prices and there is also a selection of rare and aged wines.

The wine bar has a rustic and classic feel that makes for a great ambiance whether you are just stopping by to relax after a long day at work or coming to catch up with friends. The space has been completely renovated with a lot of custom work. The wine bar boasts custom wine racks to display the hundreds of bottles of wines offered for retail, a brand new granite bar, and a temperature-controlled-nitrogen winekeeper to keep the wines by the glass fresh for every glass!

Wine Retail & Wine Bar